What Are the Different Types of Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces?

What Are the Different Types of Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces?

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is a kind of electric fireplace that can either be installed onto or even recessed into a wall. This type of electric fireplace will provide not only the imitation of flames but also generate heat using a heater. An electric wall mounted fire or fireplace is made to be installed only on a wall.

Wall-mounted electric fires can offer almost the same level of functionality compared to other kinds of fireplaces. This will also include the ability to show realistic flame effects and can also generate supplementary heat for your room. In this specific article, you will learn more about wall-mounted electric fireplaces, including the different types. 

What Are the Types of Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces? 

Though wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a form of electric fireplace, they can also come in multiple shapes, sizes, and purposes along with installations. There are different types of wall-mounted electric fireplaces, and they are as follows:

  • Straight or curved 
  • Linear or vertical 
  • Wall-mounted or recessed 
  • Front view or multiview
  • Indoor or outdoor 

An electric wall mounted fire can be installed straight onto a wall, but there are models that can recess into a wall. Recessed into a wall indicates that they can partially sit within the wall and they cannot protrude as far out into the wall. They are still different from the built-in electric fireplaces that can easily fit within a wall. 

There are also many wall-mounted electric fireplaces that are considered as appliances; they usually have a straight front. But you will also find models that have a curved front for added beauty. A curved front can do everything that a straight front can do; there are no differences between the two in terms of functionality. 

What Are the Parts of a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace? 

Compared to an electric stove, the main parts of a wall-mounted fireplace are as follows:

  • Heater 
  • The main frame 
  • The front viewing area for the flames 
  • Controls 
  • Power cable 
  • Media
  • Wall installation fixes.

Keep all these in mind before you purchase an electric wall-mounted fireplace. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are various kinds of electric wall mounted fires or fireplaces that you can purchase. All these types of wall-mounted electric fireplaces can provide you with the same benefit that you need during the winter. Contact a reputed online store to purchase these wall-mounted electric fireplaces and ensure to call in professionals for installation.