The process of choosing a 3d printing company?

The process of choosing a 3d printing company?

In recent years 3d printing has become accessible and affordable. And for this reason, many companies have resorted to providing the best 3d printing service. The companies range from small to multinational companies. They are known to provide a wide range of services from prototyping, product design and custom manufacturing. With an increase in demand for 3d printing, there are numerous options available for individuals or businesses who are exploring the possibilities of high-end printing services.

The choice of the best 3d printing companies is necessary for a variety of reasons. When you carefully evaluate the factors you can decide that the company fulfils the specific needs. And provide notable results when it comes to the success of your project.

Printing technology

Most 3d printing companies resort to the use of different 3d technologies. And the key is to figure out which technology suffices your project needs. For product design, there are several 3d printing technologies that you need to consider

The best technology for your project is dependent upon the material requirements, lead time, desired resolution and cost. It is necessary that you consult with a 3d printing company to figure out the best technology that is suit for your company.

Material options

You need to consider the range of material options provided by the company. And that can meet your specific material requirements. Numerous materials are there that you can choose from

  • Resins- epoxy resins and photopolymer resins
  • Metals- Aluminium, copper, titanium and brass
  • Speciality materials- that includes flexible materials, magnetic materials and conducive materials

What is the best material for your project is dependent upon the requirements of the project. It includes thermal resistance, strength along with temperature requirements.

Accuracy and quality

When choosing a 3d printing company quality along with the accuracy are important. Such factors have an important role to play when it comes to the reliability appearance and functionality of a product. When you take into consideration the accuracy and quality of 3d printing the following points have to be kept in mind

  • Process control- ensure that the company has established protocols or procedures in ensuring consistent quality and accuracy from product to product
  • Equipment- check out whether the company uses high-quality 3-D printing equipment and if they go on to maintain and upgrade their equipment.

When you consider these factors you go on to choose a 3d printing company that has the expertise and experience to deliver high-quality products that comply with your requirements.

Lead time

The lead factor is an important pointer to consider when you are choosing a 3d printing company. It means the time from where the time an order is place to the time an order is deliver. A long lead time can have an impact on the project deadline causing delays and shooting up the costs. There are a few things that you need to consider if a project meets the necessary deadlines. Turnaround time is one of them as you need to check the turnaround time to yours.