The 3 Pre Roll Boxes You Need to Know

The 3 Pre Roll Boxes You Need to Know

The Pre Roll packaging industry has grown in recent years and now includes many different types of box options. These boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes, and features. Here are three of the most common styles:

Pre-Roll packaging

If you are a small cannabis producer, you might want to start building your own custom pre roll boxes to increase your profits. To maximize the value of your pre-roll boxes, consider printing them with your artwork to make them even more attractive.

You can customize your pre-roll tubes by adding shrink sleeves. Shrink sleeves are plastic sleeve pieces that are heat-shrunk, enabling you to add branding to more space. They are also faster to make than sticker labeling, as they shrink the whole box instead of the cap. They also provide a tamper-evident seal and an added barrier to keep air out, ensuring your pre-roll stays fresher longer.


Pre roll boxes can be customized to fit any display style. These boxes are available in a variety of sizes and can be printed with artwork. You can choose from many different colors, including neon orange, yellow, and blue, or you can choose from two or more different colors. To make your packaging even more appealing, consider a child-resistant style such as the Snap Pack. This box resembles a traditional cigarette box and has push-to-open buttons on the side. You can also opt for sticker labels or shrink sleeve sleeves. Direct printing is also available, which is done at the time of packaging construction.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, businesses are looking for new ways to market their products. One of these new ways is to create custom pre roll boxes for weed. These boxes can be designed to fit the product and are a low-cost way to advertise your product. They can also be customized to fit your aesthetic and marketing requirements. Regardless of the type of cannabis you sell, a pre-roll box can help you maintain its quality and ensure that your customers are getting the highest quality product.


You can customize your pre roll packaging with the latest color combinations, graphics, and props. Depending on your budget, you can use various color combinations and create beautiful-looking gift packages. You can also create different color combinations based on your customer’s preferences. Moreover, the boxes can be customized to suit the theme of your event or product. So, no matter what the occasion is, you can find a pre roll box to match your taste and requirements.

Among other considerations, you should consider the size, shape, and design. Pre roll packaging must be unique and professional to stand out from competitors. It should have a logo, tagline, and customized message. Choose a signature color or theme to distinguish your products from the rest. Besides, the packaging must be appealing to both smokers and nonsmokers alike. Although some people use pre-rolls as a recreational habit, many others use them for health reasons. Thus, it is important to choose a color combination that appeals to both smokers and nonsmokers.


Customization is a popular feature of pre roll packaging boxes. These boxes can be custom-made in any shape or style to match the dimensions of the product. Custom-designed pre roll packaging is also attractive and eye-catching, which catches the attention of consumers. Some of the features of pre roll packaging include the following:

Providing variety is essential to boosting sales. Consumers enjoy variety, and good packaging ensures they will choose your product. The boxes are available in single or multi-layered designs. For better convenience, pre-roll trays may have stickers on their back. In addition, they may come with a holding section. Pre-roll packaging may also have windows to allow customers to see the product. These pre-roll boxes are an excellent choice for companies looking to increase sales.


Pre roll boxes are an essential component of retailing tobacco products. A brand must stand out amongst competitors on the shelf, and it needs a professional presentation that attracts consumers. Personalized packaging is a great way to differentiate your brand from the rest. These packaging items can be customized to match your brand’s theme. A retail outlet can customize its pre roll boxes to match its logo and marketing message. This is an excellent way to increase the number of sales and boost brand awareness.

The cost of pre roll boxes wholesale varies depending on the material, quantity, and finish. Custom pre-roll boxes are created using environmentally friendly printing techniques and modern equipment. The material used is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Custom printed boxes will be printed with your brand name and website, ensuring the quality of your products. You can order as few as five boxes or as many as a million. Emenac Packaging offers a quick turnaround and guarantees your order within 14 business days.