Informational Guide – Resolve Not Working Issue

Informational Guide – Resolve Not Working Issue

Accessing the Netgear router login page via is the only way through which you can tweak the settings of your wireless device. However, if that is exactly where you are getting stuck at because of the not working issue, then sadly, you are in trouble. But, don’t waste your time worrying. Simply walk through the hacks given in this post get familiar with the ways on how to troubleshoot the not working issue. But, before getting down to that, you should know about the factors that might have led you to this godforsaken issue.


Possible Reasons: Not Working Issue

  • You have used an incorrect address while accessing the login page.
  • Your Netgear wireless router is not getting an uninterrupted power supply.
  • The cable connecting your Netgear devices is not in a good condition.
  • Your existing internet browser is running on an outdated version.
  • The signals of your router are getting blocked because of WiFi interference devices.

Once you are done going through these reasons, take the help of the following hacks to successfully troubleshoot the issue.

Fixed: Not Working Issue

  1. Use the Correct Web Address

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the web address used by you to log in to your Netgear wireless router. Do you find any typing errors in it? Well, in that case, take our advice and type the web address of your router again.

Just make sure that you are typing the default web address in the address bar of your internet browser instead of the search bar. Otherwise, no matter what you do, fixing the not working issue will remain a dream for you.

  1. Check the Power Socket

As mentioned above, an inadequate power supply can also stop you from accessing the page. Therefore, have a look at the wall socket into which you have plugged your Netgear wireless router.

If you find any damage to it, why don’t you plug your Netgear Nighthawk router into a different wall socket?

  1. Change the Connection Source

Have you used a damaged Ethernet cable to establish a connection between your Netgear router with the existing modem? Yes? Well, when you knew that the Ethernet cable is damaged, then why did you make the mistake of using it?

Anyway, it’s still not late. You have the time to rectify your mistake. You can do so by switching to a different connection source, i.e. wireless.

  1. Update Your Internet Browser

Upgrading your existing internet browser to its most recent version can also help you resolve the not working issue. Thus, go to the Settings of your web browser and update it to its latest version. Apart from that, consider clearing the cache, cookies, and browsing history of your browser.

Once you are done following this hack, check if you are able to access Are you still running out of luck? If you are nodding your head in yes, then follow the next hack.

  1. Reset Your Netgear Router

If you are still getting bothered by the not working issue, then it is time that you restore your Netgear Nighthawk router to its default factory mode.

Once you are done resetting your wireless router, it is recommended that you reconfigure it. Whether you want to perform Netgear N600 setup or any other router model, you will find the setup instructions in the user manual. We are telling you this so that you can take some assistance from there.

The Conclusion

Our guide on troubleshooting the not working issue has come to an end here. Let us hope that after following the aforementioned hacks, you will be able to access the page with ease. Now, you are free to tweak any settings of your Netgear Nighthawk router.