How to Score Well in the English Section of Competitive Exams?

How to Score Well in the English Section of Competitive Exams?

Lakhs of Indians sit for competitive exams every year. Cracking them is not everyone’s cup of tea. You are required to have a good hold over several sections like logical reasoning, English, Maths, etc. Aspirants often face problems while preparing for the English section. Many of them find English scary and difficult. Talking about competitive exams, they test your vocabulary skills, grammar, and comprehension skills. This article is specially prepared to help you ace the English section of competitive exams and get a good score in it. 

Enhance your vocabulary 

Having a good knowledge of vocabulary is integral. You should make yourself aware of new and different words every day. Meanwhile, pick up a dictionary if you wish to do so and search for the meanings of the words you found there.   This will help in enhancing your vocabulary.  You should make yourself familiar with common English words, phrases, etc, and try to use them in your daily life. Initially, it may seem hard but with regular practice, you will be able to do it easily and improve your vocabulary.  

Read newspapers daily 

Newspapers serve as an excellent source for improving your knowledge of the English language. You should focus on reading editorials and opinion columns. It will help you in understanding the way sentences are framed. Underline difficult words and search for their meanings. Take the help of a dictionary or search it online. Invest at least 20 minutes daily in reading any good English newspaper like The Hindu, The Times of India, The Tribune, etc.

You can choose to read books, magazines, novels, etc. Competitive exams consist of long reading passages. If you have the habit of reading already then it will be easy for you to go through these passages and answer questions accordingly. Also, reading improves your concentration and focus. 

Work on your grammar

It’s vital to work on your grammatical knowledge before you start preparations for competitive exams. Learn thoroughly about tenses, verbs, nouns, prepositions, conjunctions, subject-verb agreements, etc. Refer to grammar books like Wren & Martin, Word Power Made Easy, etc. . These books will provide you with basic grammar rules along with detailed information about all the important grammar topics.  Remember not to rot these concepts but try to understand their proper usage with examples. Are you a banking aspirant? If yes then connect with a prestigious institute providing bank coaching in Chandigarh.

Acquire information about the syllabus

English grammar section in competitive exams consists of various sections like idioms and phrases, active & passive voice, one-word substitution, reported speech, etc. Before starting your preparations you should be fully aware of all the relevant topics and not miss any one of them. It’s crucial to devote time to each and every section listed.                 

 Moreover, find out in which section you are facing difficulty and then practice that more and more.  If you are aspiring to crack bank exams and want to improve your marks in the English section, then it would be best to seek guidance from the best institute providing Bank coaching. 

Practice previous year’s papers 

Previous year’s question papers are easily available online. You must attempt as many as possible. These sample papers give you an idea about the format of the paper. You can refer to the English section and find out what kind of questions are being asked in the exam. Before giving any competitive exam it’s vital to practice mock tests and sample papers to understand the type of questions being asked. Do you wish to crack the SSC exam? Then consider joining an esteemed institute for SSC coaching and move closer to your dream of getting a government job 


Maintain notes

Making notes makes it easier to revise the concepts. Consider writing down the most basic rules of the English Language, commonly used idioms, clauses, etc in your notes and keep revising them from time to time. You don’t have to mug up anything but just understand and remember everything by heart. Also, you can refer to note-making apps and keep all the necessary tips on your smartphone and access them with a single click. 


Make groups

Connect with like-minded people and practice together. These types of mutual groups benefit a lot as you can discuss doubts with each other. Some people may not find a suitable environment at home. In such a case joining such groups is ideal. Basically, it helps to increase your confidence and social skills. You can organize weekly meetups so that you can monitor your progress regularly. If you are an SSC aspirant then it’s recommended to connect with the best institute providing  SSC coaching in Chandigarh and give your preparations a flying start 


English is a vital part of almost every competitive exam. Experts consider it a high-scoring section. With regular practice and hard work, anyone can do wonders in this section. So read the above tips carefully and try to follow them  if you wish to ace the English section in competitive exams