Guru Purnima 2022: Know The Auspicious Time And its Importance!

Guru Purnima 2022: Know The Auspicious Time And its Importance!

Let us tell you that the meaning of this verse is that Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu and our Guru is Shankar. At the same time, the Guru is the real Brahman and I bow to such gurus. Gurus have a lot of importance in our life because they give us the knowledge of good and bad in life, not only that, they also give us the right advice to move forward on the right path. Let us tell you that there is a Guru in the life of every person who makes a significant contribution to him in achieving his goal in his life. Along with this, Guru Purnima (Guru purnima 2022) is also known as Vyas Purnima. Guru Purnima 2022 will be celebrated on 13 July 2022.

Let us tell you that on Guru Purnima, people including Jagat Guru Ved Vyas also worship their adorable Guru. From the very beginning of the creation, the Guru Shishya tradition was born with the aim of expanding Shashi knowledge, spiritual and spiritual practice and to reach it from every human being. With this, the relationship of Guru Shishya is going on since mythological times, which is considered very sacred and revered. The Guru saves the disciple from darkness and leads him towards the light and also makes him aware of moral values.

Not only this, in Indian culture, Guru is considered as God, on this day gratitude should be expressed not only to the Guru but to all the elder members of the family and should be respected as equal to Guru. It is celebrated all over India.

Significance of Guru Purnima 2022

Guru Purnima 2022 has special significance in Sanatan Dharma . With this, the full moon of the month of Ashadha is called Guru Purnima (Guru purnima 2022) . Let us tell you that according to the Shiva Purana, on this day, Ved Vyas ji, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born. With this, Maharishi Ved Vyas ji was given the title of the first Guru because for the first time not Guru Vyas had made mankind aware of the four gods. And this day is also known as  Vyas Purnima.

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Let us tell you that in the year 2022, Guru Purnima 2022 will be celebrated with pomp all over India on 13 July 2022.

According to Buddhism: On this day Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon to his first five disciples after his migration from Bodh Gaya to Sarnath. This was followed by the formation of the ‘Sangha’ or the community of his disciples.

Jainism: Let us tell you that Lord Mahavir became the ‘guru’ of his first disciple Gautam Swami on this day. And this day is also known for the worship of Mahavira.

According to ancient Indian history, this day is of utmost importance to the farmers as they worship the god for good rains for the next crop.

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Muhurta on Guru Purnima 2022

sunriseat 5:53 am in the morning 
the sunsetat 7.11 pm 
beginning of full moon dateOn 13th July from 4:1 am 
full moon date ends14th July till 12.7 am

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Astrological Significance of Guru Purnima 

Let us tell you that there are many ups and downs in the life of the people whose Jupiter is in unfavorable place in the horoscope or your Kundli chart. And to get rid of these ups and downs, you can take advantage of these remedies on the day of Guru Purnima: 

  • The people of Guru Purnima should chant with full attention given by their Guru.
  • Along with this, chanting these mantras is very beneficial for the person.
  • On the day of Guru Purnima, no guru should be insulted and everyone should bow with respect.
  • Do not disrespect your elders and elders.
  • Saffron should be used in food on the day of Guru Purnima. And after taking bath, saffron tilak should be applied on the navel and brain.

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