Exercises That Can Make You a Better Golfer

Exercises That Can Make You a Better Golfer

Before you cut your losses and start looking at new golf driver shafts for sale to update the outfit you just bought last spring, let’s talk about a few exercises that can potentially make you a better golfer.

Seated Rotations
How to do it: One of the most basic exercises you can do. Straddle a bench with a club (or bar) behind your back, so that it rests in the crooks of your arms. Rotate your torso to one side without moving your hips and hold it for two seconds. Then, repeat on the other side. Perform between three and five reps and the same number of sets.

Why it helps: While it won’t build much strength, seated rotations improve rotational mobility and stability – key for any golfer.

Band Walks
How to do it: You’ll need resistance bands for this. Wrap one around your legs just above your knees, and another just above your ankles. Spread your feet just a bit beyond shoulder width until you encounter resistance, then take small steps forward with your knees bent.

Why it helps: This exercise will strengthen your legs and lower body, creating a more stable base for your swing.

Glute Bridges
How to do it: Lie on your back with your arms out to your sides and your heels flat on the ground, with your toes pointing up and with your lower back and glutes resting on the floor Your knees must be bent in this position. Flex your glutes to raise your hips and lower body off the floor until your back makes a straight line and only your shoulders and heels remain in contact with the ground.

Why it helps: This exercise strengthens your glutes, lower back, and hamstrings and helps to produce a more stable base for your swing.

Lunges (with Rotation)
How to do it: Stand straight up, with your hands clenched together in front of your chest and with your knees slightly bent. Move one foot forward and lunge until your rear knee nearly reaches the ground. Twist your entire upper body (without moving your hips) to one side, hold for one to two seconds, then repeat on the other side. Raise yourself from the lunge and repeat with the other leg.

Why it helps: This exercise strengthens the lower back, lower body, lats, and obliques, and improves rotational mobility and stability.

Sword Draws
How to do it: Stand upright and hold a light dumbbell in one hand, with the weight resting in the front of the opposite hip. Slowly and deliberately raise the weight from your opposite hip, crossing in front of your body (as if you are drawing a sword), until your arm is raised out to the side of your body and parallel with the ground.

Why it helps: This exercise strengthens the posterior shoulder muscles as well as your rotator cuff and the shoulder’s dynamic stabilizers.

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