Diwali Pujan Muhurat 24th October 2022

Diwali Pujan Muhurat 24th October 2022

Diwali Pujan

Maha Lakshmi Pujan and the festival that falls on Diwali is celebrated in the Pradosh Kaal in Kartik Krishna Paksha, fixed Lagna time. To receive the blessings of the Goddess that is wealthy, i.e. Maha Lakshmi Mata the practice of Lakshmi Pujan is believed to be auspicious.

In 2022, Diwali is expected to be celebrated on October 24, 2022, i.e. Monday. Today, Swati nakshatra remains until night 20:09. On this day, the Saubhagya yoga and the moon will move into the sign of Libra at. On Diwali, Amavasya Tithi, Prados Kaal, Shubh Lagna and Choghadiya Muhurat hold great importance. Diwali is believed to be auspicious for buyers, merchants as well as sellers..

1. Pradosh Kal Muhurat

As mentioned in our Hindu Calendar 2022, Pradosh Kaal will be in effect until 17:43, and then 20:19, on October 24, 2022, Monday in Delhi and nearby cities. This is known as the Pradosh Kaal. Pradosh Kaal is believed to be the Shubh Muhurat to celebrate Diwali puja. In Prados Kaal, Muhurat that is stable is believed to be extremely positive. Today, at 18:53, the Aries Lagna will continue. The Muhurat can be considered a blessing when Pradosh Kaal and Sthir Lagna are paired together.

The date for Amavasya this year starts at 17:28 in the evening. until 18:53, there is an Aries ascendant known as Char the date of Choghadiya referred to as Char will last until 19:20, and then the Choghadiya disease will start and it is positive. This is not the time to perform worship. In such a case it is better to attend worship prior to 19:20. Using Pradosh Kaal time. It is better to complete Lakshmi Puja, Kuber Puja and finish all the tasks at the same time at the time that Pradosh Kaal Puja begins.

How to Use Pradosh Kal

Every preparation of temples related in Puja, Rangoli, Deepdan, and so on should be completed during the time of Pradosh Kal. In addition, it is believed to be good luck to complete the task of distribution of sweets at this period.

Additionally, the drawing of Swastika or the writing of Shub Labh on doors must be carried out during the Muhurat time. Additionally, offering gifts to the elders in the family and receiving their blessings boosts the luck in the life of an individual. Making donations, or gifts. in places of worship during this time is thought to be beneficial.

2. Nishit Kaal

Based on the local time zone In Nishith Kaal, there might be minute differences. On October 24, 2022, the Nishith Kaal time will continue from 20:19 until 22:55. In the Nishith Kaal, 1853 between 20:48 and 18:53 will be Shubh. After Amrit Choghadiya, it will be until the end of the day, and that’s why this time will last between 22:35 and 24:12, which is a good time for businessmen who are apprehensive about Laxmi puja.

Diwali Pujan Using Nishit Kaal

The calling and worship of Dhan Lakshmi, Havan, etc must be done during this period. Other than that, Maha Lakshmi Pujan, Maha Kali Pujan, writing Kuber Pujan, and chanting of mantras should be performed during this period.

3. Maha Nishit Kal

On the 24th of October 2022, 22:55 to 25:31, Mahanishith Kaal will remain. At this point, the Choghadiya of rog, as well as the kaal, won’t be Favourable. But, cancer lagna as well as the leo lagna will be shubh. Thus, without mentioning the above-mentioned choghadiya, in the event that any work begins at Prados kaal or in the nishith kaa, and is completed during Mahanishita kaal this is also believed to be favorable. When mahanishith is performed, the time of worship is cancer Lagna in variable Lagna, and following that Leo Lagna has stabilised lagna. Mahanishita Kaal is believed to be significant because of its presence in cancer and the Leo Lagna within it. According to the ancient scriptures, those who wish to perform Diwali puja could make use of this time.

How to Use Maha Nishit Kal for Diwali Pujan

At this time, mostly, Tantric rituals, the astrological information, and rituals, as well as the worshipping of the gods and calling on other powers is believed to be auspicious. In the days following Diwali Pujan, the candle with four wicks is lit all night long inside the house. The lamp is believed to be an omen of Lakshmi and a boost in luck, also check here Today Panchangam by going through the site.

Diwali Choghadiya Muhurat

Chaughadia on the 24th of October 2022, Monday, is as in the following order:

  • Chaughadia – 24th October 2022, New Delhi
  • Labh Between 14:58 and 16:20, or until
  • Amrit Between 16:20 and 17:43 until
  • Shubh Between 25:49 and 27:26 up to
  • Char From 17:43 to 19:20 till
  • Labh From 22:35 until 24:12 until