Advantages of Using the Lowboy Trucking Company

Advantages of Using the Lowboy Trucking Company

Lowboy Trucking are frequently used to move big gear and equipment. A lowboy trailer is a drop-deck semi-trailer. Its deck features two dips, one directly behind the gooseneck and one right before the wheels. The lowboy trailer’s back end stands over the well but stays lower than its front end. This is why, depending on where you are in the globe, lowboy trailers are also known as double drops, low-beds, low loaders, or floaters.

Different Types of Lowboy Trailers

There are several varieties of lowboy trailers. The most common classification is based on how the gooseneck is connected to the trailer.

Lowboy with Fixed Neck

The trailer has a fixed-neck lowboy installed. It is, therefore, a more portable option. However, the set design suggests that loading from the front of the trailer is more complicated.

Lowboy Gooseneck Fixed

Fixed gooseneck lowboys (FGLs) are simple to load from the back and the front, thanks to their drop decks. The movable gooseneck keeps the trailer’s cargo in place, which secures the load once reattached.

Lowboy Gooseneck Detachable (RGN)

The best heavy-duty carriers are removable gooseneck lowboys (RGNs). RGNs can transport up to 150,000 pounds of goods thanks to their up to 20 axles.

They are helpful when the goods have to be driven, rolled, pushed, or dragged onto the trailer bed. If necessary, you may also load larger, heavier goods from above. Detachable gooseneck lowboys are yet another name for RGNs.

There are two kinds of RGNs.

RGNs that are hydraulic

The most prevalent lowboy trailers are hydraulic RGNs. They employ hydraulic cylinders to remove trailers and alter their height easily. As a result, trailer operators can maintain a low centre of gravity when loads are incredibly tall.

Hydraulic systems contribute much weight to hydraulic RGN trailers, reducing total carrying capacity. In addition, they need more regular and detailed maintenance than mechanical RGNs. As a result, hydraulic RGNs are very costly.

RGNs that work mechanically

Mechanical RGNs elevate the ramp manually or with a spring system. Most people prefer hydraulic RGNs, although there are times when mechanical RGNs are preferable. For example, if the cargo is expected to remain on the trailer for several days, a mechanical RGN will be your best option in long-distance trucking.

They are also preferable for unloading on hard, flat surfaces. Mechanical RGNs are more challenging to operate but are lower in weight and require less maintenance overall.

What are the benefits of using a Lowboy Trailer?

Moving bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, and other oversized machinery or goods is best done with lowboy trailers.


Lowboy trailers’ low centre of gravity is a result of their low-lying deck. As a result, they are more stable for hauling huge or heavy loads than other types of trailers.

What Is the Process of Lowboy Trucking Companies?

Large or broad products too big or shaped strangely to fit in an enclosed trailer are frequently transported using flatbed trucks. As the name suggests, a flatbed truck is a trailer without a roof or walls. Although dimensions might vary, a typical flatbed trailer is typically 48 feet long and 8.5 feet wide.

When you engage a flatbed trucking Company, the firm will send a driver to the specified location. They will then take control of your cargo and load it onto a flatbed truck.

Afterwards, the Company will be in charge of your freight until it is unloaded at its ultimate location. Loading and unloading delicate or priceless cargo are also included in specialised flatbed transportation services.

Expedited Shipment

Depending on the specifics of the consignment, single drivers can cover about 500 miles each day. For shipments weighing less than a truckload, add a day. For precise times, check with dispatch. By request, team drivers are available.

What Characterizes a Quality Lowboy Trucking Company?

Although there are many flatbed trucking companies, not all of them are made equal, look for a company that possesses the following qualities when you need to transport freight on a flatbed:

Knowledge and dependability
Low prices
truck sizes can vary
Exceptional trucks
an outstanding reputation
a history of timely deliveries
favourable price/value ratio

Knowledge and Dependability

Please find out the company’s history of operation and the kinds of cargo they transport first. For example, although all flatbed drivers have hauled heavy loads, they must also know the materials employed in your sector.

You should also look for a lowboy trucking company recognized for its dependability, which includes on-time delivery and safeguarding fragile cargo. Before teaming up with a lowboy trucking company, learn about the carrying crew as much as possible.

Low Prices

You should be able to afford the lowboy trucking company you consider employing. While you may not want to go with the lowest choice, it is critical to strike a solid price-performance balance. Several of the finest lowboy trucking companies we’ll discuss today have competitive prices.

Variance in Truck Dimensions

Keep in mind that you’re seeking a tailored solution. There are many different types and sizes of trailers. Because freight arrives in many shapes and sizes, reputable lowboy trucking firms will provide a variety of trailers.

While looking for lowboy trucking firms, selecting one that can meet your unique requirements and has trailers that can support your freight weights is critical.

Trucks of Excellent Quality

Lowboy trucking companies offer well-maintained, contemporary fleets that can handle virtually any project. Seek a firm dedicated to renewing its fleet regularly and with an outstanding maintenance and safety record.


In addition to the abovementioned organisations, flatbed truckload companies provide some of the most excellent flatbed transportation options. Flatbed trucking companies offer tailored, inexpensive logistics solutions for organisations of all sizes, whether they have a single colossal load or move odd goods regularly.

Furthermore, we provide flatbed freight shipping advice, in addition to the top shippers, to assist you in achieving more on-time deliveries, customer happiness, and increased company growth.