4 Tested Ways to Reduce PDF Files

4 Tested Ways to Reduce PDF Files

No doubt that PDF (Portable Document Format) is best for sharing and storing data since it is referred to as a ubiquitous file type. You can see that PDF account for certain purposes and the amazing about this format is that it preserves the original quality and content regardless of whatever device or operating system you’re using. However, sometimes it becomes a patent need to share PDF document files through certain online mediums, still, most of them restrict users with document file size limitations. So, what if you have PDF document size over 20MB and a platform does not allow you to share it! Don’t fret this is the place where you need to get free PDF reducer to reduce pdf file and share it anywhere you want.

Give a read to this informative content and explore how easily you can be able to reduce PDF document size.

Remember That!

Its clear that there’s still no algorithm for PDF compression that specifies the exact pdf reducing size. No matter how many big PDF file sizes you have, it all depends on the original size and the elements contained within PDF. Well, give a try to the best PDF reducer from the source of theonlineconverter.com that reduce PDF document file size while maintaining both quality and layout.


It is an in-built application for macOS that works as free to use PDF reducer and even lets you handle basic PDF document management concerns. Quit worrying since it did its best to provide you with the optimal results regarding PDF file compression. Kept in mind that the process is quite simpler for pdf size reduction, this tool uses Quartz Filter to proceed with particular file compression.

You are just required to open a PDF document file that you decided you reduce with this PDF Preview app. There you find the  File’ -> ‘Export’ , make a click on it. Then, the pop-up window appears where you have to simply choose the “reduce file size” option from the provided source of the Quartz Filter setting (an option that provided under the Format Setting)

Why Preview?

  • Give a try to this built-in app for mac that proceed with free compression and maintaining the high quality
  • Indicated as the instant tool for reducing PDF


This web-based application is always preferred by experts since it provided free PDF reducer which lets you proceed batch of PDF compression within no time. Moreover, this handy version PDF size reducer lets you choose one compression mode according to your choice to attain better results for PDF file shrinking.

Additionally, this platform loaded with free online PDF converter that lets you proceed with bunch of PDF files related conversions. Not only pdf file shrinking, here you could easily merge, split, lock, and unlock PDF document format. For pdf reducing, you need to simply upload one or more PDFs that you want to decrease with size. Once your PDF file is uploaded, hit the Compress button and fetch the reduced PDF document from this PDF file reducer.

Why theonlineconverter?

  • The best thing about this online web-based source is that it provided you with an optimal pdf file compression by using three different pdf compression modes
  • Even also it works significantly for reducing batch of PDF files

Compress PDF for Mac:

This pdf reducer developed by  Lighten Software for specifically reducing PDF document without compromising on the quality. The upside is that this pdf optimizer tool assists you for deciding the PDF compression mode. If needed, this handy PDF size reducer allow you to reduce the images to low quality (50) dpi, not only that, it also assists you to compress file size without compromising much image quality (600 dpi, high quality). Give a try to this PDF file compressor for macOS to make balance between image quality and pdf fie size compression.

Simply start by dragging and dropping PDF into the existing toolbox, and let this tool compress and reduce size of your PDF. Once the pdf file size reduction is done, this handy pdf file size reduce provided you with both PDF file size and its preview. If you still not satisfied with PDF document size decreasing, you ought to simply choose a lower quality and smaller dpi option. While, if image quality is still your concern, then you ought to choose higher quality and higher dpi settings.

Why Compress PDF for Mac?

  • Get this PDF document compressor right now that works best by controlling the PDFs with given reducing settings corresponding to your preferences
  • This handy medium allow you to create your own optimal balanced compression for PDF and even the quality


CleverPDF does great job for pdf  file shrinking with its free to use PDF reducer. Even you can find that it does not make distortion while compressing PDF document format. It’s interface is simple, which means that you don’t need to stick with complicated steps.

Fetch the source of “Cleverpdf.com”, then all you have to choose the “Compress PDF” tool, make drag and drop for PDF file that you wish to reduce. Now, you simply need to wait for a seconds until the file is fully uploaded. For user convenience, this web-based application allow you to add PDF files from the mediums like Dropbox or Google Drive. Once you people have done with all, you can find that reducing process for PDF file get started with this free pdf reducer. Moreover, if your PDF document still need to be compressed further, you have certain options to proceed with further pdf compression. At last, this handy pdf document reducer will allow you to download the compressed version of PDF swiftly without processing with complicated steps.

Why CleverPDF?

  • Simple way to proceed with quality compression, even does not require email or any additional information regarding PDF file reducing
  • Fetch this pdf size reducer by using any smart device and operating system
  • Feel-hassle free to perform as many compression as you want since it is 100% free