3 Games Like Happy Wheels

3 Games Like Happy Wheels

Laugh out loud with wacky entertaining games like Happy Wheels. Not to worry, we have a plethora of no-cost MMORPGs that you can play right here in your browser. We’ve selected some of the greatest options for you to try out whenever you like, including during your lunch breaks.

1. Free Rider 3:

It’s the third instalment of a series, and you get to play as an extreme mountain biker in this game that’s reminiscent of Happy Wheels. You’ll be hooked from the moment you start guiding your rider over the intricate and fluid tracks. If you can keep your rider on his bike and guide him to the finish line, you’ve done well. If he falls off, though, you’ll have to go back to the beginning. Moreover, this release of Free Rider has an edit track mode, allowing you to create and ride on a course of your own creation. The developer implemented this change after receiving feedback from players. So, why are you stalling? You may jump right in and start riding, or you can make your own own tracks.

2. Cyclo Maniacs 2:

You’ll still have to pedal your way to victory, but this sequel to the original Cyclo manics has up to 25 new tracks and over 50 more wacky riders who can be unlocked. Beginning as an Elvis impersonator, you’ll need to place in the top four of each race to get access to other courses and riders. Do a variety of stunts or finish first in races to earn secret gifts and other fascinating goods; all races take place in Ninja World, which also serves as the official site of the Cyclo Maniacs Races. The ability to store your progress at the end of each race is another crucial feature. When in the air, you may execute stunts by toggling the ‘A’ key to lean backward and rotate or the ‘D’ key to lean forward and rotate. Learn the inversion, tick-tack, and longest air-time, just to name a few of the more challenging acts available for instruction. If you want to avoid crashing into the ground, you should maintain a solid stance upon landing.

3. Hell Rider:

This is a standard dirt bike style racing choice practically comparable to other games similar to Happy Wheels and Retro Bowl, however this has a hellish sort of setting. You have to steer your biker to the finish of the track without crashing in order to win. Similar controls apply i.e. ‘W’ to accelerate, ‘S’ to reverse and ‘A’ and ‘D’ to spin the cyclist clockwise or anti-clockwise alternately while in the air. You may have a wicked good time with the game’s Hellish setting and soundtrack. Using the Z, X, C, V, or B keys will allow you to do other spectacular feats in addition to the standard air-tricks. If you need to take a break from the game, hit the “P” key to pause. You can check out the layout of the upcoming track thanks to a handy terrain map that appears on the top right of the screen while you play.