10 Best Traits In Project Zomboid, Ranked

10 Best Traits In Project Zomboid, Ranked

These are the best Traits to choose when making a character in Project Zomboid. They range from having no effect at all to being almost like free points.

For new players, making a character in Project Zomboid can be hard. You have to pick bad and good traits that balance each other out, and you might not be able to get all the good things you want without taking on some big drawbacks.

Finding the best combination of perks to make a well-rounded character takes experience and knowledge of the hidden details of each trait. If you don’t have time to try out different traits and read the full descriptions on the wiki, knowing some of the best ones can help you make a character quickly so you can start smashing zombie heads.


Thin-Skinned is a dangerous trait for new players, but it gives you eight extra points that you can spend on good traits. This one makes it more likely that zombie attacks will break the skin. At first, this might sound like a bad idea, but experienced players often choose this one.

When zombies attack you, it means you did something wrong. Unless you are playing with people who can run fast, you should be able to easily outmaneuver zombies just by walking normally. If you play carefully, zombies will rarely catch up to you. This trait is a good thing to add to your character because it makes it less likely that zombies will catch up to you.


The overburdened moodle is one of the worst things that can happen to your character. When hordes of zombies are after you, carrying too much is a quick way to become one of them.

You should think about any trait that lets you carry more, but Organized, which costs six points, is one of the best choices for your character. This trait makes all containers, like backpacks and car seats, 30% bigger, so you can bring more loot back to your base without slowing down.

Slow Healer

Like Thin-Skinned, you might want to skip this trait if you are new to the game. But if you are skilled enough to avoid getting hit by zombies, you won’t get hurt often enough for the slower rate of healing to change how you play.

Slow Healer gives you an extra six points that you can spend on traits. It also makes your wounds worse and makes them take longer to heal. If you play single-player, this is basically free points because you can spend an extra day in your base and speed up the game until you are fully healed. Then you can go back to killing zombies.


Outdoorsman gives you a lot of features that aren’t even mentioned in the original description for only two points. With this trait, you’re 90% less likely to get a cold, you can’t get hurt while moving through trees, and your foraging skill gets a radius bonus.

For how cheap this trait is and how useful it is, it’s an easy choice to add it to most of the characters you make. You won’t have to worry about getting wet or cold, and you won’t have to worry about getting hurt if you lose zombies in the woods.


In real life, smoking is very bad for you, but in Project Zomboid, your characters don’t live long enough for the effects to matter. You get four points for this trait, and all you have to do to get them is smoke one or two cigarettes every day.

Offices and gas stations have plenty of cigarettes and lighters, so you don’t have to worry about running out. Even if you have trouble finding them in your run, reading books and magazines can help you feel less stressed and unhappy.


Even though luck might seem bittersweet in a world after the end of the world, it can still help you stay alive longer. If you don’t know what the Lucky trait does, it might seem strange, and four points might seem like a lot to think about.

This trait makes it more likely that you will find rare items like sledgehammers, katanas, guns and ammunition, and important recipe magazines. It will help your character get the tools and weapons they need and set up a strong base among the infected much earlier in the run.

Weak Stomach

In Project Zomboid, you shouldn’t eat rotten food or mushrooms you don’t know anything about, and it’s easy to find a reliable source of food by farming, fishing, or trapping. So, once you have set up your base and don’t have to worry about food, the Weak Stomach trait is worth three free points.

This isn’t a huge number of points, but Weak Stomach is one of the easiest negative traits to deal with. It has no effect on how well your character does, and once you reach Cooking level 7, you can even use spoiled foods in other recipes without getting sick.


In Project Zomboid, Strength and Fitness are two of the most important skills, but they are also the hardest to train. They both change your character’s physical abilities. Strength makes you able to carry more, deal more damage with melee attacks, and push zombies down.

Strong is also a great perk that costs ten points, but if you have to choose between Athletic and Strong, go with Athletic. Your fitness level affects how long you can fight without getting tired because it affects how quickly you can recover your stamina. Getting tired in the middle of a fight can quickly put you in a situation from which you can’t escape. Having a high Fitness level can help you avoid such deaths.

High Thirst

High Thirst is the easiest negative trait to control in Project Zomboid, and it gives you an impressive six extra points to spend on positive traits. All you have to do to make up for this trait’s downside is bring an extra water bottle with you.

Even though water will run out in the first month of the game, it is easy to get water from rivers, lakes, and rain. If you remember to boil water from these sources before drinking it, this Happy Wheels trait won’t affect your game at all.

Fast Learner

Training your skills is the part of Project Zomboid that takes the most time. You can train your skills much faster with skill books, the Life and Living TV channel, and VHS tapes. But if you have the Fast Learner trait, all of these experience gains will go up even more.

At six points, this trait gives you a 30% boost to all experience gains except Strength and Fitness. This boost stacks with any other bonuses you may have from jobs, traits, or skill books.